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How To Mix Great Cocktails With Healthier Ingredient Choices

cocktail making course,

It’s the start of Lent, and for some people this means a period of fasting or giving up favourite treats. It’s a traditional religious festival that starts on Ash Wednesday (February 14) and lasts for six weeks until Maundy Thursday, just before the beginning of Easter. Many people observe Lent by carrying out charitable acts, […]

A Few Fun Facts And Legends About Cocktails

mixology course-Martini-

If you are considering taking a mixology course in 2024, you have a whole new world of discovery and adventure waiting for you. Many cocktails have fascinating origin stories, and the history of bartending is full of charismatic people and tall tales. Here are just a few fun facts and legends about the art of […]

What Will Be The Biggest Cocktail Mixing Trends Of 2024?

We are at the beginning of a new year, and it’s a time to reflect and also to look at what might lie ahead. Maybe one of your New Year’s resolutions involves taking up a new interest, or even studying for a change of career with an online cocktail making class. Here are some of […]

Five Festive Cocktails To Enjoy This Christmas

Christmas Margarita - mixology degree

It’s the Christmas season, and it’s the perfect excuse to gather your family and friends and enjoy an evening of cosy fireside cocktails. Whether you have a mixology degree or you just love stirring and shaking, preparing cocktails is a fun and creative way to celebrate and get into the festive spirit. Here is some […]

The Martini: Your Guide To The Ultimate Classic Cocktail

Black-Martini-cocktail courses

When asked to name a cocktail, many people are likely to mention the Martini. It’s a cocktail that has stood the test of time and carries an effortless glamour and sophistication. From the classic mixture of gin and vermouth to endless innovations and variations, it’s a favourite with everyone from mixology degree students to occasional […]

Who First Liked Piña Coladas?

Pina-Colada-mixologist’s repertoire

Few cocktails are so famous and beloved that they have a song named after them, but the piña colada is part of that rare and exclusive company. Whilst Robert Holmes’ 1979 hit song Escape (The Piña Colada Song) only became the signature song of the frozen mix of rum, coconut cream and strained pineapple largely […]

The Mysterious Origins And Rise Of The Margarita

Margarita-Cocktail - art of mixology

The art of mixology is, above everything else, the art of storytelling, with the glass as your canvas and the many spirits, mixers, bitters and ingredients being the inks used to tell a tale of flavour. A lot of the most popular cocktails in the world have their own mythologies, but there are few as […]

Haunting Halloween Cocktails To Enchant Your Party Guests

Haunting Halloween Cocktails - mixology

It’s that time of year when the nights are drawing in and the temperature has dropped, and our thoughts turn to all things otherworldly and supernatural. Whether you are a student of mixology or just looking for some frightfully good fun, here are some daringly delicious Halloween party drinks to get you in the spirit… […]

3 Cosy Cocktails For Special Autumn Occasions

autumn Apple-Cider-Cocktail

If you fancy trying your hand at a virtual cocktail making class this autumn, then it’s a great idea to get a little practice at home so that you can get the most out of the experience. With a few essential spirits and liqueurs and extras, you will be amazed at what you can achieve. […]

Shaken Not Stirred: Who Invented The Cocktail Shaker?

Expert Barman Is Making Cocktail At Night Club Or Bar. Glass Of

There are three main types of cocktail shaker in use today: the Boston shaker, the French shaker and the cobbler. The invention of these simple devices allowed bartenders to produce cocktails that were much more thoroughly mixed and chilled, not to mention give free rein to their showmanship instincts with a well practised shaking technique. […]

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