Limited edition taos print 📦

Limited edition taos print 📦

Your Guide To Tempting Cocktail Party Appetisers

No cocktail party is complete without some tasty nibbles to complement the drinks and keep hunger pangs at bay. Whether you are having a formal social gathering or just a few friends over for drinks in the garden, you will want to prepare some tempting snacks that your guests can graze on. Here are a […]

How To Host The Perfect Cocktail Party

cocktail party - online cocktail making class

It’s almost summer and the social calendar is filling up fast. If you are planning a social gathering, one of the best ways to make it fun and memorable is to host a cocktail party. This gives you the opportunity to get creative and show off your drink making skills, and also to offer your […]

The Cocktail Potent Enough To Wake The Dead

strong cocktail = cocktail courses

Mixology is storytelling, and when people look through a cocktail menu and see the range of drinks on offer, they are preparing to be taken on a journey of the senses, from sights, to sounds, to smells, to touch and finally to that almighty taste. When it comes to fascinating cocktail stories, it is hard […]

Fun And Easy Bank Holiday Cocktail Ideas

Long-Island-Ice-Tea-online cocktail making class

The month of May will be extra special this year, as we enjoy a bank holiday bonanza with three Monday lie-ins on the calendar. It’s also the perfect time to spruce up on your cocktail making skills and enjoy the warmer days and longer evenings with family and friends. Here is some holiday cocktail inspiration! […]

A Quick Cocktail 101 For Your Summer Soirees

Picture this – the sun sets across a golden sky and you and your closest friends are partying on into the night, bright laughter and great music filling the air. There’s only one problem though, you didn’t stock up the bar and now you’re stuck drinking warm beer all night long. One way to kill […]

What Are The Latest Cocktail Trends?

Our taste for cocktails is certainly becoming more adventurous than ever in recent years, with cocktail bars thriving, and taking an online cocktail making class is now a very popular pastime. Here’s a look back at which cocktail trends have hit the hotspots during the past year, whether you want to try and make your […]

What Are The Ingredients Of A Great Cocktail Bar?

At this time of year, we might be starting to plan a few nights out to ease us into the party season. One of the most popular evening destinations over the past decade has been the classic cocktail bar, which has enjoyed a huge resurgence in recent times. Even the pandemic hasn’t dampened down demand […]

Tips For Pairing Cocktails With Food

When it comes to pairing food and drink, most people might think of wine as the go-to beverage. However, there are plenty of cocktails which can be successfully matched with a meal, to enhance the appetite and really get all the senses piqued. It does take a little more effort and creativity to pair the […]

Hot Cocktail Trend: Mushrooms!

Trying out new and intriguing ingredients in your cocktails is one way to keep the customers more than satisfied. Experimentation and innovation is certainly the name of the game for mixologists the world over and you’ve got to stay on top of it if you’re going to draw the punters in. If you’re looking for […]

5 Fruity Aperol Cocktails To Enjoy

Aperol is a favourite summer cocktail ingredient, and it’s not just for spritzes. Its light yet complex flavour lends itself to a range of refreshing cocktails to try. Why not have a go at mixing your own versions, for the perfect laid-back drink to enjoy while we make the most of the last days of […]

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