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Jul 14, 2022

The Art Of Becoming A Mix Master


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There is something quite beautiful about mixing up a high class beverage. Anyone who has seen the movie Cocktail knows that the shakers, those behind the bar with skill and finesse who serve your drinks, are an exceptional addition to the night out experience. Want to be just like Tom Cruise? Follow these steps and you could become a master in the art of shaking.

The first thing to do is an itinerary check. There are 6 key components which go into cocktail mixing, be sure to have these ready before you embark on your journey to becoming a master mixer.

A long handled bar spoon, which can stir drinks in tall glasses or mixers, is essential for the many varieties of fun concoctions you fill find yourself making. Another obvious item to get hold of would be cocktail glasses. These come in many different sizes, from champagne flutes to tumblers, and gives a terrific grasp of what you can expect measuring out will involve.

Most cocktails involve fresh fruit ingredients. For this reasons most bartenders recommend a citrus juicer. If, for example, a customer were to order a fresh screwdriver, then the juicer would make quick work of a handy orange. Lemons, limes, grapefruits, all can be easily made into fresh and tasty juices to go with alcohol. A good juicer will keep a master mixer in business forever.

If you have seen the movie Cocktail then you will already be aware of another key item; the shaker. We’ve all heard how James Bond likes his Martini, and with a shaker you will not only be able to make that particular espionage classic but a whole host of other drinks which require a little shake to really get the ingredients mixing together.

Similarly, the cocktail strainer is a much valued piece of mixing equipment. Similar to those used in coffee pots, the strainer sits over the shaker and collects any left behind ingredients when pouring the cocktail into a glass.

Finally there is the muddler. This is required for the art of muddling ingredients, which is often called for in cocktail recipes. Muddling involves smashing ingredients such as herbs or fruit in order to unleash the essential oils and pulp. A muddler, distinct from a long handled spoon, easily allows for this to occur.

Follow these initial steps, and get acquainted with each of the aforementioned pieces of equipment and you will find yourself well on the way to becoming a master mixer. The future is bright for those who mix, with awards given out for the best of the best.

Above all, the mixer livens up and enriches the night out experience. They are the wizards behind the bar with sleight of hand, dexterity and blink and you’ll miss it expertise. It’s an exciting job, more akin to an art practised by those who heed the call. To lose oneself in the craft of mimosa making, Martini shaking, and all the pageantry that goes into mixing is an adventure.

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