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Oct 05, 2022

Witch’s Brew: 5 Haunting Halloween Cocktails


Last update: Nov 21, 2022 -

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The Halloween party season wouldn’t be the same without a few frightfully good cocktails to help us get in the mood. The bright colours and fun flavours lend themselves perfectly to creating a heady witch’s brew. Here are some ideas for a bit of hubble bubble (but hopefully not toil and trouble) on your Halloween night!


Vampire’s kiss

Pay tribute to the undead with this scary blood red party number. It’s super easy to make, and thankfully the bright scarlet colour is from raspberry liqueur and a handful of fresh or frozen raspberries, rather than anything more sinister. Simply shake them up with a dash of vodka and ice, and there you go, an eye-catching drink that looks great in a martini glass.

You can add some red sugar to the rim of the glass for a finishing touch, and top it up with champagne to add some lightness if preferred. As an alternative to raspberries, you could use cranberry juice, with a dash of lemon if you want to counteract some of the sweetness.


The Zombie

This amber coloured drink is known as the Zombie, because it’s a tad on the strong side! It’s made with a mixture of dark rum and white rum (you can even add spiced rum too), and fresh pineapple juice, fresh lime juice, and a drop of grenadine (for colour). Give them all a good shake up with some ice, and strain into a tall chilled glass.

Add some cherries, orange wedges, and some mint sprigs on a cocktail stick for that finishing flourish, and imbibe with caution for some seriously boozy Halloween nights. Just take care not to totally blast your guests away!


The Grasshopper

If you like to get your booze on in a slightly more mellow style, then this smooth and minty treat is just the thing. It has a bright green hue so it is just perfect for a Halloween party! It’s made with crème de menthe as you might expect, plus some white crème de cacao and a helping of single cream.

Simply shake them all up with plenty of ice, and add some fresh mint leaves for garnish. If you want to go the extra mile, dip the stem of the mint sprig in some melted chocolate. Be sure to show off the colour in a coupe glass.


The Black Russian

For a dash of dark sophistication, you can’t go wrong with a black Russian cocktail. It’s straightforward to make: simply stir vodka and coffee liqueur and ice in a tall tumbler. Top it up with cola if preferred, and add a cherry on a cocktail stick for a garnish.


Witch’s Brew Lemonade

This pretty purple cocktail is made with gin, sparkling lemonade, and Blue Curacao. Stir in a tall glass with ice, and add a sprig of rosemary for garnish.


If you would like to learn some more about the art of mixing drinks, why not take an online cocktail making class.


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