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Shake, Dazzle & Roll: An Introduction To Flair Bartending

Flair bartending, sometimes referred to as freestyle bartending, extreme bartending, or even flairtending, is the art of preparing a cocktail with panache. Think about the young Tom Cruise shaking his stuff as Brian Flanagan in the 1988 film Cocktail and you get the idea. It’s where the art of bartending meets dazzling showmanship and skill. […]

A Guide To The Fine Art Of Perfectly Presented Cocktails

No matter how great a cocktail tastes, it is not truly complete unless it is also well presented. An outstanding and memorable cocktail engages all the senses, and it should look as good as it tastes. However, garnishes are not just about appearances but can also enhance and complement the flavours and aromas of the […]

Beyond The Bar: Plotting Your Career Path As A Bartender

art of bartending

Bartending is an art and a passion, as well as a trade and a career path. Some people love the buzz and bustle of working in a bar, greeting customers and mixing cocktails, and this is a valid career choice in itself. However, bartending can also open the door to many other exciting opportunities. Here’s […]

Top Tips For Planning A Cool Cocktail Menu For Your Event

mixology degree

Whether you are a keen amateur cocktail crafter or a professional bartender with a mixology degree, you will know that a well-designed drinks menu is key to the success of your event. It can be difficult to second guess the tastes of your audience and the vibe on the night, especially if the guest list […]

3 Fun Cocktail Recipes That Can Be Scaled Up For A Crowd

mixology degree Summer Sangria

It’s a beautiful time of year as the fresh promise of summer is just around the corner, and outdoor entertaining starts to seem like an attractive prospect. What better way to toast the new season than with a joyful cocktail party. If this sounds like a test for your mixology skills too far, never fear: […]

How Is Digital Technology Used In The Bartending Industry?

Bartending is an art

Bartending is an art with a long and proud history, but no industry can afford to stand still in the digital era, and bars and hospitality are no exception. Events such as the pandemic and subsequent labour shortages have hastened the impact of technology, and it’s now starting to refashion the traditions of the barroom. […]

How To Recreate These Four Celebrity Cocktail Favourites

Vesper Martini

Certain cocktails have transcended their status as barroom favourites and become icons of popular culture, thanks to their appearance in movies or TV shows, or in the hands of celebrities. Here’s a guide to recreating some of these glamorous tipples for your own social gatherings, or simply to enjoy as an escapist treat! Vesper Martini, […]

3 Perfect Prosecco Cocktails To Try For Spring And Summer

making cocktails with class - prosecco

The arrival of spring, bringing us longer daylight hours, warmer breezes and fresh blooms, can also inspire us to change up our menus and try something new. If you pride yourself on making cocktails with class and style, no doubt you will be aware of the importance of moving with the seasons. Prosecco is a […]

Innovation Meets Tradition: Five Modern Classic Cocktails

cocktail party - online cocktail making class

When it comes to the art of mixology, you may cut your teeth learning how to make classics such as the Old Fashioned, the Manhattan, or the Cosmopolitan. However, there are many cocktails that are considered to be modern classics, and are well worth the time and attention of any aspiring mixologist.  These are drinks […]

Eggcellent Cocktails To Serve Over The Easter Holidays

Easter cocktail

The Easter break is fast approaching, and if you are having a social gathering you may like to serve a few pre-dinner drinks. It’s the perfect time to test out your mixology skills with some fun Easter-themed cocktails. These can reflect the festive traditions of the season, or simply be a nod to the joys […]

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