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A Guide To The Fine Art Of Perfectly Presented Cocktails

Here’s how to take your garnishing skills to mixology degree level and really give your cocktails the wow factor this summer, enhancing appearance and flavour.
09 Jul 2024

Beyond The Bar: Plotting Your Career Path As A Bartender

Bartending is an art as well as a career. It can also open the door to other exciting opportunities. Here’s a look at future paths to shake up your career.
04 Jul 2024

Top Tips For Planning A Cool Cocktail Menu For Your Event

10 Jun 2024

3 Fun Cocktail Recipes That Can Be Scaled Up For A Crowd

Celebrate summer with a cocktail party. If this sounds like a test for your mixology skills too far, here are some easy big-batch cocktails to please a crowd!
13 May 2024

How Is Digital Technology Used In The Bartending Industry?

Bartending is an art with a long and proud history, but the impact of technology is starting to refashion traditions. Here’s a look at the latest developments.
02 May 2024

How To Recreate These Four Celebrity Cocktail Favourites

17 Apr 2024

3 Perfect Prosecco Cocktails To Try For Spring And Summer

If you pride yourself on making cocktails with class and style, no doubt you will be aware of the importance of moving with the seasons. Here are a few ideas.
12 Apr 2024

Innovation Meets Tradition: Five Modern Classic Cocktails

There are many cocktails that are considered to be modern classics, and are well worth the time and attention of any aspiring mixologist. Here are some ideas!
02 Apr 2024

Eggcellent Cocktails To Serve Over The Easter Holidays

14 Mar 2024

Keeping Your Cool: How To Use Ice Effectively In Cocktails

If you undertake a mixology degree, you will soon realise that ice is a key component of the cocktail that can influence the flavour, appearance and strength.
29 Feb 2024

How To Mix Great Cocktails With Healthier Ingredient Choices

If you are cutting back on treats such as sugar and booze for Lent, and wondering how to combine restraint with a cocktail making course, then look no further!
22 Feb 2024

A Few Fun Facts And Legends About Cocktails

If you are considering taking a mixology course, you have a whole world of discovery ahead. Here are a few facts and legends about the art of cocktail making!
11 Jan 2024

What Will Be The Biggest Cocktail Mixing Trends Of 2024?

If your New Year’s resolutions include taking an online cocktail making class. Here’s some of the new trends in the world of mixology to bring you up to date.
28 Dec 2023

Five Festive Cocktails To Enjoy This Christmas

Whether you have a mixology degree or you just love stirring and shaking, cocktails are a fun to celebrate. Here is some inspiration to get that party started!
14 Dec 2023

The Martini: Your Guide To The Ultimate Classic Cocktail

From the classic mixture of gin and vermouth to endless innovations, the Martini is a favourite with everyone from mixology degree students to casual drinkers.
20 Nov 2023

Who First Liked Piña Coladas?

The pina colada is one of the most famous rum cocktails in the mixologist’s repertoire, but the tale of its creation spanned two centuries but shared a nation.
10 Nov 2023

The Mysterious Origins And Rise Of The Margarita

A cocktail so famous and popular that it has a song dedicated to it, the Margarita’s origins are shrouded in mystery, and with so many tales of its invention.
25 Oct 2023

Haunting Halloween Cocktails To Enchant Your Party Guests

Whether you are a student of mixology or just looking for some frightfully good fun, here are some daringly delicious Halloween drinks to get into the spirit.
12 Oct 2023

3 Cosy Cocktails For Special Autumn Occasions

If you fancy trying your hand at a virtual cocktail making class this autumn, then it’s a great idea to get some practice at home with these simple fun recipes.
26 Sep 2023

Shaken Not Stirred: Who Invented The Cocktail Shaker?

Like much to do with the art of cocktail making, the origins of the cocktail shaker are a little cloudy. Here’s a dive into the heady realms of shaking history.
11 Sep 2023

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