The Fascinating, Conflicting Stories Behind Famous Cocktails

Here are some of the fascinating, bizarre, and often controversial stories behind some of the most famous parts of the mixologist’s repertoire.
28 Jun 2022

3 Minimalist Cocktail Tips

23 Jun 2022

Spotlight On: Baijiu

For cocktails, there’s one ingredient doing the rounds and currying serious favour among bartenders here, there and everywhere and that’s baijiu.
12 Jun 2022

The How To Open Your Own Bar: 3 Top Tips

To help you start your new career, here are five top tips from the team here at The Art of Shaking. And if you’d like any further help or advice, get in touch with us today!
14 May 2022
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From Venice To London: The History Of The Sgroppino

The traditional sgroppino (which means ‘untie a little knot’) was served to the aristocrats of Venice during dinner to aid digestion but also as a delicious little palate cleanser between courses.
06 May 2022
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Spring & Summer Cocktail Ingredients

03 May 2022