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Jun 30, 2023

A Globetrotter’s Guide To International Cocktail Cultures


Last update: Jul 04, 2023 -

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It’s the season when many of us are making exciting travel plans, and possibly flying off to a foreign location. Holidays are a time when we are free to discover world cuisines and enjoy the delights that a new country has to offer.

A cocktail is the classic holiday drink: an indulgent treat to be savoured at leisure. Here is a guide to some of the greatest global tipples. It’s always cocktail hour somewhere in the world…


Pimm’s Cup, England

Pimm’s is the go-to summertime cocktail for English sporting and social events. From Wimbledon to wedding receptions, somebody somewhere in the UK will be sipping this refreshing beverage during the long warm afternoons. It’s a gin-based liqueur that is topped up with lemonade or ginger ale and served over ice with a cucumber slice and a mint leaf.

The original drink was created by James Pimm, the son of a Kent farmer who established Pimm’s Oyster Warehouse in central London in 1823. The story goes that he created the gin-based fruit cup as an aid to digestion in 1840, although other sources claim that Pimm’s was named after the bar where it was first served rather than the man himself.

The drink soon became fashionable in London society and the company has since blossomed into an international brand. There are now several varieties of Pimm’s with different spirit bases, labelled No’s.1-6.


Mojito, Cuba

This classic cocktail made from rum and lime juice was reputedly invented in Cuba by the English naval explorer Sir Francis Drake as an antidote to scurvy. Today it is made for more enjoyable purposes! It’s the classic beachside cocktail that is refreshing and has surged in popularity over the past couple of decades.


Aperol Spritz, Italy

The Aperol spritz is currently one of the most fashionable summertime drinks. It’s highly palatable and not too strong, so it’s an ideal pre-dinner beverage to sip as an appetiser on an empty stomach or with some light snacks.

It’s made from Aperol spirit mixed with prosecco, soda water, and served with a slice of orange. The exact recipe for Aperol was concocted in Italy in 1919, and remains a highly guarded secret. It has a unique bittersweet taste that is thought to be created with a blend of herbs and plant roots.


Kir Royale, France

The kir is France’s classic cocktail, made from crème de cassis (a blackberry liqueur) and dry white wine. It was originally a way of using up indifferent white wine to add a better flavour. The kir royale is made with champagne, which pairs perfectly with the blackberry.


Mai Tai, Hawaii, USA

The mai tai was originally invented in California by “Trader Vic” Bergeron, but it was soon adopted as the signature drink for the laid back US island state. It has a fairly long ingredient list, including Light and dark rum, orange curacao, orgeat, pineapple juice, and orange juice.

It’s served with a flamboyant garnish of a parasol with a cherry, pineapple, and a lime wedge.


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