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Aug 03, 2022

Most Popular Cocktail Trends Of The Year


Last update: Aug 16, 2022 -

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Much like fashion, cocktail trends come and go, and sometimes even come back again. This year has not only seen new flavours hit bars all over the country, but also different mixing styles and preferences among drinkers.


  • Adventurous flavours

2022 is the year consumers have been heading to the bar looking for extreme flavours. Not content with traditional cocktails, they want colourful drinks that pack a punch, according to Advanced Mixology.

“This is because drinkers are more adventurous, so establishments need to up their game to keep the crowds coming back for more,” it stated.

Gin, mezcal and tequila remain the most popular alcohols, with drinkers choosing mixers, bitters and herbs that bring the beverage to life.


  • Return Of Classic Cocktails

While lots of people might think they are expert mixologists after spending months creating their own recipes during lockdown, most appreciate there is art, beauty, and skill behind the classic flavours, created by masters of the trade.

This is why some traditional cocktails are finding their way back to menus, including Liz’s Rum Punch, containing white rum, dark rum, lime juice, syrup, pineapple juice, diced scotch bonnet pepper and a pineapple slice. A favourite in the Caribbean, this cocktail has remained popular across the Atlantic too.

  • The rise in perfection

Ever since consumers have been able to head out on the town again, they have craved drinks they cannot create at home. This has encouraged bartenders to up their game and offer nothing short of perfection for their customers.

Consequently, patrons can expect to watch in awe as their drinks are prepared, with this becoming an important part of the cocktail experience.

As well as watching the technical skill in making the flavours blend deliciously together, customers enjoy the garnishes, choice of glasses, and high-quality ingredients that make their drinks that bit special.


  • Tequila cocktails

While rum, whiskey, vodka and gin remain the most popular alcohols to make cocktails with, more and more people are choosing tequila or mezcal for their base.

Advanced Mixology recognises: “This is because tequila and mezcal are the perfect cocktail ingredients, thanks to their smoky earthy flavour profiles that can be used in classic cocktails and new ones.”


  • Mocktails

While bartenders will be masters of mixing alcohols, they are getting an increasing number of requests for booze-free alternatives. More and more people are adopting a clean lifestyle, with a record-breaking 7.9 million Brits having taken part in Dry January in 2022.

Indeed, one in six adults who drink alcohol expressed their intentions to have a month without the heavy stuff, with a quarter of the public saying they would like to cut down on their alcohol consumption.

However, most of these drinkers still want to have something exciting when they go out, instead of sipping on a simple orange juice while their friends enjoy an extravagant colourful concoction. This is why mocktails are growing in popularity and are becoming an artform unto themselves.


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