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May 03, 2022

Spring & Summer Cocktail Ingredients


Last update: Jul 22, 2022 -

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As the weather heats up, it’s all about finding ways to cool down – and what better than a refreshing and delicious sparkling cocktail of some kind or other?

There’s a big trend across the board for seasonal ingredients where both food and drink are concerned, as the need to live more sustainably becomes evermore important as time goes on.

What’s great about making seasonal cocktails is that you have a unique selling point month by month and will keep your customers well entertained with new and intriguing drinks… which will keep them coming back!

From your perspective, it can also make mixology really interesting, allowing you to try out all sorts of new ingredients that you might not have considered before either.

We’re now well into spring, a wonderful time of year where life restarts anew, representing an amazing opportunity to come up with a brand-new cocktail recipe or two.

In terms of fun ingredients during the merry month of May, you’re in luck as you’ll have the likes of rhubarb and strawberries to play around with, both of which are delicious in cocktails and mocktails alike. Elderflower is also in season now and this will always be a refreshing addition to any tasty drink.

And, of course, you can’t make a springtime cocktail without using some bright and vibrant edible flowers as decoration.

Common edible flowers include roses, violets, pansies, lavender, marigolds and hibiscus – but there are countless out there for you to discover, so it could be worth researching the different flavours of each to see which works best with your other flavours.

As we move from spring to summer, other fruits start to come into season, so stock the cupboards full of the likes of blackberries, blueberries, cherries (perfection!) and raspberries.

But what about our veggie friends? Carrots are also coming into season over the next few weeks and we all know how delicious carrot juice is, so this would be a great choice if you’re looking to make something a little different this spring or summer.

Or, for something even more daring, grab yourself some beetroot, some ginger beer and away you go!

Check out this intriguing recipe for a fresh yet spicy cocktail that hails all the way from Heartbeet, a vegan restaurant in Houston. Called the Just Beet It, the drink contains beet-infused tequila, which sounds amazing and will go perfectly with the kick of that ginger beer.

You’ll also learn some infusion techniques so will upskill at the same time! All you need to do is put some chopped beetroot cubes into your silver tequila bottle and infuse it for a few days, before mixing with ginger juice, fresh lemon juice and simple syrup. Store in the fridge until ready to use!


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